FAQ – Astigmatism Eye Corrections

by admin on June 12, 2011

If you currently suffer from astigmatism then you already know the frustrations that accompany the condition. Seeing objects blurred or doubled is troubling enough without the added frustrations of headaches, dizziness, or sensitivity to light. So what to do about it? Let us discuss treatment or correction options.

A corneal astigmatism occurs with the cornea of the eye has suffered an injury, deformity, or disease thereby causing an uneven surface on the cornea of the eye, which creates an astigmatism that double’s and blurs the vision while hosting several additional poor side effects such as headaches or dizziness.

A corneal astigmatism can be treated and improved with a pair of simple prescription strength eyeglasses or contact lenses. In more severe cases a corneal astigmatism can be treated by laser surgery.

Lentricular astigmatism is an irregular astigmatism and is considered a severe case of astigmatism amongst the medical community. Lentricular astigmatism is different than corneal astigmatism in that with lentricular astigmatism the damage, disease, or disruption that is responsible for the astigmatism is on or about the lens and not the cornea of the eye as with corneal astigmatism.

You’ve most likely heard of LASIK eye surgery, and chances are good that a direct member of your family has had the operation and now lives a normal life with the assistance of two healthy eyes. When a surgeon performs LASIK eye surgery he or she makes an incision in the cornea of the eye as to expose the center or middle of the cornea. A laser light is then passed over the damaged cornea, back and forth again until the cornea has returned to its original shape and size thereby allowing for the refractive properties of the eye to return to normal. The patient now has two perfectly healthy eyes to see by.

Where or when the aforementioned methods of treatment are unavailable to the homeopathic patient, then the second best thing might just be eye exercise. Actually not all that complicated or strenuous, eye exercises are said the strength your eye muscles while improving your vision. The findings here are arguable of course, as each new patient will respond differently to treatment.

An additional option for those of you on a budget is corrective eyewear. Used on more than sixty percent of all astigmatism cases, corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses were found to improve the astigmatic condition by as much ninety percent. Special prescription glass or contact lenses are available to astigmatism patients in cases where surgery is not an option.

Astigmatism is said to be inherited and therefore rather unavoidable, in fact most of us will suffer the signs and symptoms of astigmatism within our lifetime and we may never even know it. In cases were persons are born with misshapen corneas he or she is more likely than his or her healthy counterpart to require future treatment for astigmatism. Low birth weight along with premature birth where both of the parents suffer astigmatic conditions can lead to a probable astigmatism in the future.

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