Cost Effective Way to Improve Astigmatism

by admin on June 12, 2011

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea or lens of the eye is not spherical (round) and is instead oval or oblong and shaped like an American Football. When this condition exist the patient is more likely than not to suffer from astigmatism. An eye injury or cornea deformity causes a raise in the surface of the cornea, thereby creating a blur in the patients’ field of vision.

Astigmatisms can be treated by several different methods. The most popular method of treatment for astigmatism patients is the wearing of prescription strength corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. Other treatment options include but are not limited to LASIK eye surgery, and lens replacement surgery. While the thought of a doctor operating on your eye makes most people squirm, surgical treatment options are simpler than ever before. In most cases eye surgery patients are able to return to work or daily duty within just a matter of days.

When deciding on the proper treatment of your astigmatism many different factors play a role in the decision making process. For example, whether or not a patient has or can procure vision insurance may play a part in how said patient chooses to treat his or her condition. While LASIK is a non-evasive surgical procedure, the cost of the procedure is arguably affordable for the everyday middle class family.

While surgery and or corrective lenses are viable treatment options, not every family can afford to go that route. So what does one do if he or she suffers from astigmatism but cannot schedule an appointment with a physician for one reason or another? He or she researches the holistic alternative.

There are several exercises that one can do to strength their vision and improve astigmatism. The first rule of astigmatism care being, do not strain your eyes. It’s important to remember that unnecessary eyestrain can aggravate and possibly worsen your astigmatism condition. So if you feel at any given time that your vision is strained, stop what you are doing and rest your eyes. Allowing your eyes the proper amount rest each day can drastically reduce the effects of astigmatism.

It’s always important to exercise your eyes, this can be done by moving your eyes from side to side and up and down without straining. While often contested this method of treatment has been known to strength the eyes while reducing the astigmatism. Some patients have found that focusing on a swinging pendulum helped to strength their vision and as well correct astigmatism.

It has been said that a simple change of focus can work wonders for the astigmatism patient. Practice reading up close and at arm’s length, in other words shift your reading material between these two focal points for the best results. This exercise is said to strengthen the eye while sharpening your vision.

Orthokeratology is newer procedure that uses special contact lenses to gradually reshape the cornea. This method of treatment, while not widely practiced is a non-evasive and painless procedure. Talk to your physician about which treatment options best fit you as well your budget.

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