Astigmatism Exercises: How Effective are they?

by admin on June 12, 2011

While eye exercises are important and do improve the strength of the eyes over the course of a short length of time eye exercise comes second only to eye protection. So, what do I mean by protecting your eyes? First things first, don’t allow your eyes to become strained, whether that’s by straining to see an object that is far away or by reading in low light, always rest your eye the moment they become fatigued. The application of some strengthening exercises can slightly alter the shape of your eyes, which in turn can improve your astigmatism symptoms.

Eye exercises have been shown to improve mild vision problems, but are not nearly as effective as treating astigmatism using other methods. Moving your eyes from side to side for example can help to strengthen your vision and improve your astigmatism, but it may not correct moderate to severe symptoms.

You may be familiar with one of the many programs offered for sale online that promise to strengthen and improve your vision as well as to curve those pesky headaches suffered by astigmatism patient’s world-wide. While there is not a quick cure and while it’s doubtful that you will improve your astigmatism condition by implementing these exercises, one might still stave off common vision problems by practicing eye exercises.

If at all possible seek the advice of a doctor before making a treatment decision concerning your astigmatism. Where it is practical discuss your treatment options with your family physician. Mild to moderate cases of astigmatism may be corrected with the use of prescription strength corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses.

For more extreme cases, whereas simple corrective treatments do not improve the condition, corrective laser eye surgery may be the only option. Extreme cases of astigmatism occurs when the diopters are higher than 4.0. Cases such as these are known as high astigmatism and are treated, most of the time, with laser eye surgery. It is important to note that, in the case of high astigmatism, several surgeries may be required to achieve normal 20/20 vision.

While corrective lenses are the most popular treatment option for astigmatism, it is not the only option. When a patient undergoes laser eye surgery, he or she heals to perfection and may never have to worry about wearing or purchasing corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses again.

Astigmatism is a very common condition affecting more than half of all people worldwide. Mild to moderate astigmatism are easily maintained and curable while more serve cases require additional or more extreme corrective actions such as that of laser eye surgery. Please consult your family doctor before making any medical decisions directly regarding your treatment or the treatment of a loved one.  While there are non-invasive treatments that are available to correct the symptoms associated with astigmatism, they may not be the most effective methods of treatment. For those seeking permanent correction, it is important to consult with a reputable surgeon with a proven track record of successful laser eye surgery.


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