Astigmatism Cure: Exercises to Treat Astigmatism Naturally

by admin on June 12, 2011

There are several methods to choose from when deciding how to properly treat your astigmatism. You could choose to correct your vision using eyeglasses or contact lenses, but these methods are not permanent and can be a hassle. Surgery is an option for permanent correction, but it can also be costly and painful. One method of improving vision permanently, and without the risks involved in surgery, is the application of an eye exercise routine. Eye exercises can help to improve or correct vision problems related to astigmatism and other eye conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness and aging vision.

Eye exercises can help to improve vision by strengthening the eye muscles and restructuring the shape of the eye. People who suffer from astigmatism have eyes with irregularly shaped corneas, which inhibit their ability to focus light directly on the retina. By strengthening the muscles around the eye, many people are able to reverse the effects of muscle tension and change the shape of their eyes to correct their vision.

Before beginning any eye exercise program, it’s important to consult with your optometrist or ophthalmologist first. Your doctor may be able to recommend a specific exercise program that they have found to be most effective.Choosing an eye exercise program is relatively easy, especially with access to the internet. There are several highly rated programs available for purchase or you could choose to find a free eye exercise program online.

Before starting your series of eye exercises, there are some important suggestions that you should consider to improve the effectiveness of your exercise routine. It is highly recommended that you schedule time to perform your eye exercises for astigmatism during the morning hours, because our eyes start to become fatigued by the end of the day. You should choose to practice your eye exercises in a comfortably lit room, to minimize strain on the eyes. Additionally, you should take time to rest your eyes between each of the eye exercises to avoid overworking your eyes.

Some of the basic eye exercises can be performed almost anywhere and can also help to reduce stress and tension. Some exercises are meant to soothe the eyes, like one called Distant Night which involves warming your hands and cupping them around your eyes. This very relaxing practice can also help to alleviate stress and center the mind for focusing. Most eye relaxation exercises are meant to warm up the eye muscles and prepare them for strengthening, but both parts of the program will aid in improving vision affected by astigmatism.

Once you’ve finished warming up your eyes, then you can begin to practice the eye exercises that are meant to strengthen your eye muscles. Typically, strengthening the eye muscles involves a series of exercises that include shifting focus in and out, moving the eyes and focusing in certain directions and exercises that resemble optical illusions.

According to studies by the Journal of the American Optometric Association, it is quite possible to improve your vision and even permanently cure astigmatism with the use of an eye exercise program. Before starting any exercise program, it’s important to consult your doctor and to remember that eye exercises should never be painful. Placing too much stress on your eyes can cause permanent damage.

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